The game of 501 301 x01

501 is one of the most famous darts games, also most official tournaments use this game to determine the local, national or world champion.

Getting started:

You can choose from a series of pre programmed numbers when you use the Picker (A). All numbers next to the players will change to that number. You can also change each number individually. In the example picture Little ben is a child who just started, and the other 3 are adults. You can lower the number for Ben to make the game more honest and exciting for all participants.

When all settings are correct, tap on play and your game will appear.

Each player gets to throw 3 darts. The player who is throwing is highlited in green (A). His or her score is both visible under the name or in the center (B). The finishing suggestion is just above the keyboard (C). You can toggle the suggestion by double tapping it.

The fully customised keyboard (D) corresponds with all the numbers on the board. One tap one number for your convenience.

If its you hit a single number, tap the number and tap ok.

If you hit a double or a treble, tap double or trebble, and the number and tap ok.

If you miss the board completely tap miss and ok. (you have to do this because the app keeps track on how many darts you used.

If you hit the bullseye, either tap 50 and tap ok, or tap double, tap 25 and tap ok

The x01 rules

All X01 games have the same strategy: Each player gets to throw three darts. The total amount of those three darts is deducted from the total. The first player to reach 0 wins. The most common games are 301 and 501.

However you need to end with a double. So if you have 40 points left, you should throw double 20 to win. Let’s say you miss and throw a single 20, you have now 20 points left. To win now you should throw a double 10. My app also tells you what you should throw to finish. The bullseye is also considered a double (double 25) so if you have 50 points left you can finish with a bullseye. I’d choose to throw a 10 and after that a double 20 since I never seem to get the bullseye. But that’s personal.

Lets say you have 20 points left, you throw a 10 and after that a 12. your total is now -2. This means you busted. Your turn is over and you start again with the last valid points, in this case 20. You also bust when you finish at 0 but not using a double. So if you threw 20, your total is 0 but you still went bust for not ending with a double.