The game of Mickey Mouse

This is the British variant of Cricket the game played in the USA.

The numbers used on the dartboard are 12 – 20 and the bull

To win the game you have to have more points than your opponent. And you have to have closed all scoring possibilities.

To score points you’ll need a green crossed circle, meaning having thrown that particular number with three darts, before your opponent has done so. Treble counts as three, double counts as two darts.

Use the fully customised keyboard by tapping your number and if thats correct tap ok. If you throw a double tap double, and then your number and the ok. Same goed for treble. If you throw a number which is not in the game like 9, or if you miss the board completely tap miss and then ok. The last one is important since the app has to keep count of the number of darts thrown.

After the first dart one stripe will appear: If you hit the target a second time a cross will appear: And after the third time a crossed circle will appear: If the circle is green, this means your opponent has not closed this number and you can score points. If your opponent also hits this number three times, the number is closed and neither of you can score points. The green circles turn into red circles:

You win the game when you have closed all numbers and you have more points than your opponent.